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Why Microdosing THC Is The Future Of Cannabis Use


Microdosing THC to feel happy, relaxed, or uplifted without feeling ‘high’ will likely become the future of cannabis use. The term “microdosing” is gaining a lot of attention in a variety of ways. As cannabis consumption moves into the mainstream, and legal guidelines change in regions around the globe, countless consumers are looking for more effective ways to determine their ideal dose of THC. For many, microdosing THC is the ideal dosage.

Microdosing THC involves consuming a much lower, more managed amount of cannabis, or specifically, the cannabinoid “THC”, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plant.

While THC can offer a number of potential benefits, from pain relief and relaxation to boosted creativity and an uplifted mood, it can also have negative side effects. Negative side effects of too much THC include possible marijuana-induced panic attacks, anxiety and paranoia. Furthermore, the higher the dose of THC, the more likely you are to feel lethargic or overly anxious. These are just a few reasons why people are opting to microdose THC, in order to avoid these negative side effects from over-consumption.

Microdosing THC involves reducing your dose of THC, so you can get the maximum benefit from the minimum dosage. In other words, when you microdose, you could get the positive effects of THC without the risk of feeling “too high” to function normally.

What Exactly is Microdosing? An Introduction

Microdosing is an interesting new trend in the world of cannabis consumption. As access to  THC, CBD, and full-spectrum cannabis products continues to expand, many cannabis users are beginning to experiment more creatively with how they consume this healing plant.

For many, microdosing THC is a solution to avoid the potential side effects of consuming large amounts of THC, such as increased heart rate, dry mouth, slower reaction times, and even coordination problems. The act of microdosing allows users to consume just enough THC to get a mood boost or some relaxation benefits, without having to deal with the other, less appealing side effects of being ‘high’.

A microdose of THC is typically somewhere between 3mg and 5mg of THC. The aim should be to create a barely noticeable effect. You might feel very slightly high, but you likely won’t feel high at all when microdosing THC. The most noticeable effects of microdosing will be more subtle effects such as a sudden uplifted mood, the ability to relax, unwind, or work on a creative project.

The positive yet subtle effects of microdosing THC are likely why cannabis beverages containing 3mg of THC per bottle, and cannabis edibles containing only 5mg of THC per serving are flying off the shelves.

Typically, the easiest way to microdose is through cannabis-infused beverages or edibles. Gummies and confectionaries are particularly popular among the microdosing fans, and they’re excellent for getting a combination of THC and other helpful cannabinoids at the same time, such as CBD.

If you want to reap the benefits of microdosing THC, try these Mango Haze x Blue Raspberry edible gummies from Wunderkind Extracts which contain a microdose of 5mg THC as well as 5mg CBD. Another great treat for microdosing THC is these Blueberry Cheesecake THC White Chocolate Edibles from Wunderkind Extracts. The unique microdose blend in these edibles creates a perfect balance. CBD helps with overall health and anxiety, but also keeps the THC at a perfect level in terms of effects.

microdosing thc with edibles

The Advantages of Microdosing

Leaders in the cannabis landscape believe microdosing could be the future of cannabis use. Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy, believes that microdosing will be the easiest way to consume cannabis in a structured, safe and measured manner, so you can customise your response.

Aside from delivering a nice buzz and uplifting energy shift without the paranoia, proponents of microdosing believe it delivers a host of potential health and lifestyle benefits. 

Many creative types believe that microdosing THC is great for boosting creativity and productivity without making it impossible for them to focus, and those dealing with chronic stress feel microdosing is excellent for improving their ability to relax.

Let’s review some of the advantages of microdosing.

Microdosing THC could potentially help with:

  •         Anxiety and stress management
  •         Pain management
  •         Creativity and productivity
  •         Insomnia 
  •         Feelings of depression
  •         Appetite

The challenge for most people getting into microdosing will be the same challenge many face when consuming cannabis in general. Finding the right dose can be a complex process, but a microdose might be the perfect dose for you.

With most drugs, there’s a common bell curve. Most people who take two aspirin will get some relief from pain. With cannabis, there’s no obvious response for everyone. Everyone responds to cannabis differently, so determining the right dose will be different for everyone. It does require some experimentation.

For example, although 5mg of THC does qualify as a microdose, it’s at the higher end, so some people might feel too high after taking 5mg. Their ideal microdose, therefore, is likely 2.5 or 3mg.

Everyone needs to experiment a little (in safe, small doses) to find their perfect dose, since various people consuming the exact same microdose, could all report very different effects. 

This is because the cannabinoids within cannabis support the natural function of the endocannabinoid system, and this system varies in functionality from person to person.

Human beings and other mammals have cannabinoid receptors throughout their body, in organs, tissues, and the brain, and the body makes chemicals to fit these receptors, naturally balancing the performance of the body. However, everyone has a different definition of “balance”.

A very good thing about microdosing, is that it allows people to experiment with THC slowly, taking very small amounts, and therefore reducing their risk of unwanted side effects. Microdosing is a safe way to experiment.

Is Microdosing THC Better with CBD?

Most commonly, microdosing is a method of consuming cannabis which focuses on exposing yourself to the psychoactive compound in the plant: THC. 

The THC in cannabis is what causes the feeling of euphoria, or being ‘high’, but it’s also the substance most likely to cause some unwanted side effects if consumed in excess, which often means people are more likely to avoid it, or take it in moderation.

Studies Indicate that higher levels of THC lead to a higher risk of anxiety, paranoia and panic from consuming cannabis. While smaller amounts of THC are a good way to reduce the risk of these side effects, users can also minimize the potential side effects even further.

Combining THC with CBD, another popular cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, can lead to even fewer negative outcomes. This is because CBD has a naturally relaxing and calming effect, with very few, or no negative side effects for most users. Indeed, while THC can create an anxiogenic response (high levels of anxiety), CBD is attributed to anxiolytic responses (reduced anxiety). CBD will balance out the THC.

Taking CBD and THC at the same time with microdosing doesn’t mean you nullify the effects of the THC. Instead, it simply dilutes the effects of THC a bit, and ensures you feel more relaxed. Studies have consistently showcased CBD’s ability to block some of the negative cognitive reactions common when consuming THC.

The Legal Loophole of Cannabis and Microdosing

There are many reasons why microdosing is becoming an increasingly popular concept among fans of cannabis. One reason why some people believe this may become the future of dosing, is because certain states may begin to impose some regulations about how certain cannabis strains can be consumed when cannabis is legal.

Today’s strains of cannabis are not the same as those we had in the past. The strains being bred today are far mor protein, with THC concentration levels rising all the time. In the 1970s and 80s, the average THC content of cannabis was around 2%, and in the 90s, it was only 4%.

Today, some strains can contain as much as 28% THC.

Because the risks of cannabis use are generally higher in strains with higher amounts of THC, there is greater call for these new strains, such as Delta 9 THC, to be regulated more stringently. 

Some governments may end up capping exposure to THC at no more than 3mg. This is a big reason why microdosing THC could be the future of cannabis use. As more and more people realize they genuinely enjoy this lower dose, it’s possible there won’t be too much backlash about a cap at 3mg doses.

Is Microdosing Right For You?

Microdosing could be an effective way for those interested in leveraging the benefits of cannabis to explore the advantages, with reduced risk of negative side effects. With smaller doses of THC, you can protect yourself from common negative reactions such as anxiety, panic, brain fog and paranoia. This is particularly true when you combine micro doses of THC with CBD to balance it out.

However, microdosing might not be ideal for everyone. The best thing to do is try microdosing, and see how you enjoy the subtler effects. Many people who try microdosing once are hooked, because they never realized a low dose was exactly what they needed to feel great, without feeling ‘stoned’.

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