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Who are we?

Artisan CBD Brand. Focusing on products with micro dose amounts of CBD, CBG, THC & other cannabinoids. We believe everyone has a perfect dose that has not been widely discovered. Our products are made for those that respect cannabis but also themselves. So many can benefit from feeling good. Micro dosing cannabinoids is the future, a little goes a long way. We hope we can help others find their perfect dose. Brought to you by Peacock Labs, master formulators using the best ingredients. All our proprietary formulations have gone through rigorous R&D that have been proven. Once you look at the details of our products, you will notice we are different.

Quality over quantity

Origin Story

Me and my partner started in Greensboro, NC with a super limited budget. With only a dream and a will to be better than what we thought was available. In the beginning it was just me. I sold all my properties, my personal home, displaced my family and drove back and forth every week from Northern VA to Greensboro, NC in hopes for a new dream. I created Peacock Labs, a CBD manufacturing company. Everyone thought I was crazy. There I hired Paul for sales and soon we became a duo and soon after he became my partner. He grew up in Mississippi while I grew up near DC. Different but you can say we were cut from the same cloth. We both understood cannabis but also understood hardwork and more importantly life that we both agreed and loved cannabis but at the same time respected it and ourselves. We discovered a special level of cannabis called CBD but not just any CBD but CBD with small amounts of THC... what you can call a micro dose. We knew this was the future and decided to create WUNDERKIND. The rest is history.

-Co founder / J.Ham-

TRiple lab tested

purity for an elite experience

Every batch is validated with a second test for each raw material. And even after we have processed your product we send it out for a 3rd test – Thats out triple lab tested guarantee.



Gelato is a Hybrid (55% Indica / 45% Sativa). The body may fully relax, allowing a sense of well-being to drift over all sensation.



OG Kush is a worldwide staple used to create numerous strains. Known for its relaxing, sedating and pain relieving properties.



Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain. A two time Cannabis Cup Winner. Many have experienced more clarity, creativity & focus.

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