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How To Consume CBD Oil: Top Consumption Methods

how to consume CBD oil

It’s easy to incorporate CBD into your daily routine once you figure out how to consume CBD oil in a manner you enjoy. Daily consumption of CBD can help you cope with a range of health or wellness issues. For example, CBD is known for being a natural remedy for chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. Most people ingest CBD by purchasing a small CBD oil tincture bottle with a dropper, and simply dropping a small amount under their tongue, the sublingual way. Our Super Lemon Haze Sativa CBD Oil, for example, comes in a tincture bottle with a handy dropper. However, there are much more creative and fun ways to consume CBD oil if you don’t want to drop your dose the sublingual way. 

If you’ve been searching for a natural remedy for a health issue such as chronic pain, anxiety, mood issues or sleep problems, it can feel exciting to start using CBD oil (cannabidiol). The first step is to purchase some CBD oil from a reputable company such as Wunderkind Extracts. While you’re waiting for your CBD oil to arrive, you may as well research how to consume CBD oil, so you can decide how you’re going to ingest it each day. When you’re deciding how to consume CBD oil, you’ll likely experiment with different ways to consume it. Through trial-and-error, you’ll figure out which ingestion method and daily dosage works for you. 

Remember that because a CBD tincture is highly concentrated, it should be taken in small doses. This means that for many people, just one or two drops of a high-quality CBD oil can be very effective. Start by consuming around 5 – 25mg of cannabidiol per day. (This is typically only a few drops of your tincture per day.) Store your tincture bottle in a dry, cool and dark place in your home, and be consistent in taking it every day.

Daily use of CBD oil is necessary for most people to notice the health benefits of CBD. For some people, the benefits won’t take effect until you’ve been consuming it daily for 2-4 weeks, so be patient if you don’t notice the benefits immediately. Let’s explore some creative, fun, tasty and simple ways to consume CBD oil daily:

how to consume cbd oil in a smoothie

Add CBD Oil to Your Morning Smoothie

Infuse your daily smoothie with a drop or two of cannabidiol to pack your smoothie with the healing benefits of CBD oil.

Many people find that drinking a CBD-infused smoothie helps them manage chronic back pain while they’re working, and also helps calm their anxious thoughts. 

Drinking a CBD smoothie is great as a post-workout recovery drink as well, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Bonus tip: Try adding avocado to your smoothie. Not only does avocado add a thick creaminess to your smoothie’s texture, but the fat from the avocado will also make the CBD dose more effective, since CBD is fat-soluble. 

There are hundreds of CBD smoothie recipes a quick Google search away, as this is a popular method of consuming CBD oil. All you have to do is add a couple drops of a high-quality tincture to your smoothie. Wunderkind’s Super Lemon Haze Sativa CBD Oil is great for daytime use in smoothies as it’s a sativa blend, and it’s infused with strain specific terpenes which create an Entourage Effect like no other.

Put a Drop of CBD Oil in Your Bedtime Tea

Drinking a cup of CBD tea is the perfect bedtime beverage for those who have trouble falling asleep. If you add a drop of high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil to your chamomile tea, what’s in your mug will suddenly have the power to relax both your mind and body, helping you sleep better. Many people with sleep problems or sleep disorders drink CBD tea at night. Just ensure you’re drinking a caffeine-free, calming tea such as chamomile or peppermint tea.

woman drinking CBD tea

When figuring out how to consume CBD oil, you’ll likely find that winding down with a cup of CBD-infused tea every evening is a habit that’s easy to incorporate into your bedtime routine. 

CBD-Infused Foods

You can’t research how to consume CBD oil without coming across hundreds of recipes for CBD-infused foods. You can incorporate CBD oil into your recipes while cooking or baking, as long as you follow certain rules. For one thing, when cooking with CBD oil, you can’t place CBD oil over direct heat or let it get too hot. 

Want to bake sweet treats that are infused with CBD? Instead of mixing CBD oil into cupcake batter that will bake in the oven at high heat, add the oil to the icing that will go on the cupcakes after they’re baked.

Aside from remembering not to let CBD oil get too hot while cooking or baking with it, it’s also important to note that your body will absorb CBD oil best when it’s paired with foods that contain fat. Just like the avocado in your CBD smoothie will boost the effectiveness of it, a CBD-infused snack or treat works best if there is fat in the recipe. CBD is fat-soluble, and cannabinoids are really drawn to fats. The CBD will therefore be more effective if added to a recipe that contains fat – so don’t be afraid to cook or bake with plenty of butter.

Why CBD Oil is Better Than CBD Capsules

When it comes to understanding how to consume CBD oil, note that ingesting CBD oil is generally more effective than CBD capsules or CBD gummies. CBD oil is known for taking effect faster, and having greater bioavailability than CBD capsules. This means that when you consume CBD oil, a higher percentage of the compound is utilized compared to other CBD edibles.

CBD oil is also going to give you more value for your money than CBD capsules or CBD gummies. Furthermore, since CBD oil is a liquid format of CBD, it’s highly versatile and can be easily added to beverages to infuse what you’re drinking with healing superpowers.

How to Consume CBD Oil in the Most Effective Way Possible

Consuming CBD oil through CBD-infused foods will work, but it will take longer to work. This means that infusing your favorite baked goods with CBD oil might be a fun way of consuming CBD, but it also might be less effective.

When you cook or bake with CBD oil, the effects won’t be as fast-acting or as effective as the less creative sublingual consumption method. CBD oil simply takes longer to digest and reach your bloodstream when it’s in your food.

The best way to ingest a CBD tincture is to ingest drops of the oil directly under your tongue, using the sublingual technique. This technique of ingesting cannabidiol promises the most instantaneous effects, because the mixture is absorbed directly into your bloodstream when you use the sublingual method.  

Perhaps on certain days, you can simply use the sublingual method to consume CBD oil, and on other days you can use a more creative consumption method. 

When using the sublingual consumption method, simply drop one or two drops of the tincture under your tongue, and wait around 10 seconds before swallowing.

Not everyone likes the earthy taste of CBD oil placed directly under their tongue, which is why many people get creative with how they consume it via CBD-infused foods and beverages. 

Experimenting with Different Consumption Methods

As long as you aren’t consuming more than your daily recommended dose of CBD oil, feel free to experiment with different ways to consume your tincture. Through trial-and-error, you’ll figure out what works best for you. 

You might even separate a 2-drops-per-day dosage into 2 different consumption methods each day. For example, perhaps you’ll find that you enjoy ingesting one drop of cannabidiol sublingually, and later having a CBD-infused smoothie. If you use CBD for pain management, perhaps some days when you’re in more pain, you’ll opt for a more potent direct-to-bloodstream sublingual method. Other days when the pain isn’t as bad, you’ll opt for a less potent cup of CBD tea. 

When you add cannabidiol to your recipes, you might find that certain ingredients enhance the effectiveness of the tincture more than others. Everyone is unique, so different combinations of ingredients – and different methods of consumption – will work for different people. The most important thing is to use a high-quality tincture from a trusted source such as Wunderkind Extracts.

Daily consumption of CBD oil can be very beneficial for your health, especially if it helps reduce chronic pain, improves your mood, reduces your anxiety or helps you sleep better. 

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