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Can Trace Amounts Of THC Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

THC drug test

Do you have to take a THC drug test or any sort of drug test for work-related purposes, as it’s been made mandatory by your employer? Some people assume that microdosing THC is a good way to avoid failing mandatory drug tests, since it will only leave a trace amount of THC in your system. However, even if you only ever microdose THC, it’s still important to exercise caution if you have to take a mandatory THC drug test. 

Drug tests actively look for the THC cannabinoid in the sample, which is why a pure CBD substance would be unlikely to generate a response. If you’re microdosing CBD, you likely won’t fail a THC drug test.

You’ve Only Been Microdosing THC? You Could Still Fail a THC Drug Test

Yes, even small doses of THC can be detected in a drug test. Trace amounts of THC in your system can lead to a positive test result, where you fail your THC drug test. In a urine test, THC-COOH needs to be present at a concentration of 50 nanograms per milliliter for the test to be positive. A nomogram is about a billionth of a gram.

Detection windows for urine tests will vary a lot according to dosage and frequency of use. Most of the time, THC metabolites are detectable in a person’s urine within 3 to 15 days of their cannabis use.

Other types of drug tests may be even more likely to pick up small traces of THC. This means that if you microdose THC, you could still fail your drug test.

Blood tests, though less common forms of drug testing in the workplace, will only show THC in plasma for up to 5 hours, though metabolites are detectable for up to 7 days. In states where cannabis is legal, a THC concentration of 1,2, or 5 ng/l will be enough to suggest a person is “impaired” by their THC use.

What if I Microdose THC a Few Days Before My Drug Test?

If you took your microdose of THC on the same day as the drug test, you have a high probability of failing that drug test.

Drug tests are more advanced and more sensitive these days. They can detect even trace amounts of THC in your bloodstream.

If you took the microdose of THC a few days before your drug test, you might pass your drug test. This is especially true if your dose was on the low end of a microdose, or if you don’t microdose often.

Your microdose of THC should clear out of your system within a few days.

If you’re subject to random drug tests at work, without notice, it’s not a good idea to consume microdoses of THC. If you simply never know if you’ll have to do a drug test that day, don’t risk it. Stick to CBD to help you relax, instead.

microdosing thc

If You Have to Take Work-Mandated Drug Tests, Consider Switching to CBD

A high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil typically only contains 0.3% THC. This extremely low trace of THC makes CBD oil Federal and State Legal. 

You’re much more likely to pass a drug test if you start using CBD instead of THC.

You can use CBD to help you sleep better, help improve your mood, reduce your anxiety, help you clear your mind and focus, and help you relax – all without THC.

Consider a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil such as the Gelato Terpene Infused Hybrid CBD Oil from Wunderkind Extracts. It’s triple lab tested and expertly formulated.

Luckily, it’s quite rare to have a job that has mandatory drug tests. If you have to take THC drug tests for any reason, try the CBD oil, for there’s virtually no chance any THC will be detected in a drug test.

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